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Cellular architecture group at EMBL

Our research objective is to understand the cytoskeleton of living cells, with an emphasis on mitosis. We develop in-vitro assays, quantitative image analysis and cytosim, a computer simulation to study cellular architecture from a mechanistic perspective, modeling the interactions of microtubules and associated proteins such as molecular motors. Please check our publications for a list of topics.


New : during sexual reproduction in yeast, microtubules can either grow (green arrowhead) or shrink (red arrowhead). Each nucleus (blue sphere) is associated with a specific organelle called the Spindle Pole Body (SPB, yellow sphere). Kar3 motors (green dots) are anchored on the SPB, and by pulling on microtubules originating from the other SPB bring along the nuclei.

We are supported by BioMS and Cell networks.

Postdoctoral opportunity:
We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a recent PhD. Experience in mathematics, computation and/or physics are highly valued. The candidate does not need to have prior knowledge in Biology, but a strong interest in this field is essential. If you are interested, please contact us with a CV and motivation letter.

PhD opportunity:
If you are interested in doing your PhD work with us, please check the EMBL PhD program.

Our group on www.embl.de

Contact: Francois Nedelec
Cell Biology and Biophysics
EMBL Heidelberg