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Cellular architecture group at EMBL

Our research objective is to understand the cytoskeleton of living cells, with an emphasis on mitosis. We develop in-vitro assays, quantitative image analysis and cytosim, a computer simulation to study cellular architecture from a mechanistic perspective, modeling the interactions of microtubules and associated proteins such as molecular motors. Please check our publications for a list of topics.


Mechanical Design Principles of a Mitotic Spindle (eLife)

We are supported by BioMS and Cell networks.

Postdoctoral opportunity:
We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a recent PhD. Experience in mathematics, computation and/or physics are highly valued. The candidate does not need to have prior knowledge in Biology, but a strong interest in this field is essential. If you are interested, please contact us with a CV and motivation letter.

PhD opportunity:
If you are interested in doing your PhD work with us, please check the EMBL PhD program.

Our group on www.embl.de

Contact: Francois Nedelec
Cell Biology and Biophysics
EMBL Heidelberg