2016 Award

Nominations deadline: Friday 28 August 2015.
Application deadline: Sunday 18 October 2015.
Award Ceremony:  Friday 22nd July 2016, EMBL ATC Klaus Tschira Auditorium, Heidelberg.


How to apply

Applicants should complete an application form together with:

  • a summary of their scientific research accomplishments - for work done during and/or after EMBL (no more than 300 words),
  • a detailed description of their innovation in the area of translational research in human health and/or technology innovation (max. two A4 pages),
  • a CV.

Criteria for applicants

  1. The award is open to junior and senior alumni alike who are registered members of the EMBL Alumni Association, irrespective of when they left EMBL.
  2. The work described in the application needs to have predominantly been done by the applicant, either as the “bench scientist” or as principle investigator.
  3. The work can entail results obtained during the applicant’s time at EMBL and/or thereafter.

If your application is unsuccessful in a given year, it can be resubmitted in subsequent years. We also welcome nominations for the award. Nominees will then be contacted by the EMBL Alumni Relations Office.


2015 Winner

Jacques Dubochet

EMBL Group Leader, Dubochet Group, Structural and Computational Biology, 1978-1987.
2015: Retired, Former Professor at University of Lausanne, Morges, Switzerland

"The basic work was done 30 years ago, at that time we had 35Å resolution. People said it was blobology. Then others made big progresses in data processing and instrumentation. Now, I am retired and they get 3.5Å atomic resolution and the method has become very important. For me, it's very rewarding, interesting and enjoyable."

Announcement of winner: December 2014
Poster - Awards Ceremony, 10 July 2015


About the Award

The Lennart Philipson Award (LPA) has been created to honor EMBL’s second Director General, Lennart Philipson (1982-1993). The award is given once per annum starting 2015 by the EMBL Alumni Association e.V. It is sponsored by EMBLEM Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM), the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of EMBL.

 The Award recognises outstanding and validated contributions in translational research in human health and/or technology innovation in the life sciences. This includes for example: deciphering human disease models; developing new diagnostic tools, methods or therapies; development of enabling technologies in life science (plasmids, strains, human disease-relevant animal-models, screening and production systems); instrumentation development; and bioinformatics.

The award is open to all EMBL alumni irrespective of leaving date. It consists of a gold medal, a cash prize of €5,000,  the logistical costs of bringing the winner to EMBL Heidelberg to present a talk at the Award Ceremony on EMBL Lab Day, and meetings with EMBL scientists of the winner's choice.