1. Online donation using Worldpay

The Alumni Association will be charged a 3% fee for donations made using this method.

Online donation to the EMBL Alumni Association Fund

2. Bank transfer

There is no charge for Euro currency bank transfers.
The Alumni Association will be charged €0,51 for non-Euro currency bank transfers.

Deutsche Bank Heidelberg
Account name: EMBL Alumni Association e.V.
Account no: 016961500;
BLZ (Bankleitzahl): 672 700 03
IBAN: DE58 6727 0003 0016 9615 00
BIC (Swift-code): DEUTDESM672
Street address: Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117 Heidelberg

Please state the purpose for which you would like to make your donation when making the bank transfer.

3. Via e-mail / fax / post

Please complete and return the donations form.
The Alumni Association will be charged €10,00 for non-Euro currency cheques.

Tax-efficient donations

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The EMBL Alumni Association (EAA) is a charitable body, registered in Heidelberg with the VAT no: 32489/36784.