The EMBL Alumni Association (EAA) is a charitable body, registered in Heidelberg with the VAT no: 32489/36784.

The mission of the EAA is to advance EMBL and the relevance of life science research in the scientific community and society at large, by fostering connections between the Laboratory, the alumni and the public.

While membership to the EAA is free, the cost of running the EAA, and supporting it in its mission requires resources, and we thank the EMBL community and friends for supporting us in this.

EMBL Alumni Association Fund

The EAA Fund supports the EMBL community with initiatives, events and meetings aimed at increasing scientific exchange, collaboration and careers support.
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Other funds include:


John Kendrew Fund

The JK Fund supports former EMBL pre- and postdocs who have proven excellence in science or science community 2-7 years after leaving EMBL. It is sponsored by Roland Specker.

Lennart Philipson

Lennart Philipson Fund

The LP Fund supports all scientists who have proven outstanding and validated contributions in translational research in human health and/or technology innovation in the life sciences. It is sponsored by EMBL-EM.

Past campaigns (2001-2010):


Matti Saraste Fund - Closed

EMBL staff and alumni raised €45,000 to commemorate Matti Saraste
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