20 June 2014, EMBL Monterotondo

20 June 2014, EMBL Monterotondo
EMBL Monterotondo will celebrate the EMBL 40th anniversary with a symposium dedicated to the contribution of EMBL to European science. The symposium will illustrate the particular contributions of EMBL Monterotondo to EMBL and to Italian Science, and the importance, both past, present and future, of Italian alumni to the progress of EMBL Monterotondo. Distinguished scientists will illustrate in their talks cutting edge science and the role of EMBL in furthering such research.


23 November 2012, EMBL Monterotondo
Over 50 staff and local alumni joined the EMBL Alumni Association board at EMBL Monterotondo to get to know each other, see what's new in their work and how the two communities can support one another. This was an event organised in combination with the 20th Alumni Association board meeting.