This year’s EMBO Meeting, held in Barcelona in early September, provided an opportunity for nearly 30 current and former EMBL staff to catch up at the 6th annual gathering of the Iberian Chapter.

EMBL senior scientist Peer Bork kicked off the festivities with an energetic discussion of the latest EMBL news from the laboratory. He also gave a quick overview of his current research projects.

Group Leaders and EMBL alumni Mayka Sanchez (Institute of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer), Lola Ledesma (Centro Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa) and Matthieu Louis (Center for Genomic Regulation), gave a glimpse into their highly creative research projects, ranging from studying the role of sphingolipids in synapses to determining how flies distinguish odours.

Once the formal alumni session was over, participants were invited to continue catching up at the EMBO Meeting dinner reception.

This year’s event was arranged by alumni Luis Serrano (Center for Genomic Regulation) and Sarah Sherwood (IRB Barcelona), who extend their thanks to everyone for coming, their institutes for funding refreshments, and EMBO for generously providing thevenue and organisational help.