EMBL has made the establishment of an archive an institutional priority on its 40th anniversary in 2014. The purpose of the archive is to capture on the one hand institutional history, and on the other  the scientific processes, achievements and impact worldwide of EMBL research, with the goal of making this information accessible as an online resource.

Much preparatory work has gone into this over the last five years together with EMBL alumni (see Timeline on left-hand menu). Significant investment is being made by EMBL in offering positions and infrastructure for the success of this historical undertaking.

We are now turning to you – the community who made EMBL's history to help us identify, collect, protect and make available this heritage. We need your material contributions (photographs, documents and objects), time in recording oral history, and funds to cover the costs of processing and preserving material and oral contributions – costs that will grow as our collections grow.

This is our largest and most ambitious community project to-date. Help us make it a success by clicking the right-hand banner on this page called: "Help build the archive."

Buchwald, Jed

"‘There is no European centre where the history of modern European biology is available. EMBL, representing a consortium of member states, is in a unique position to consider taking on such a project."

Jed Buchwald, Professor of History, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), October 2010

Brenner, Sydney

"I am happy to lend strong support to your initiative and wish you all success. ... Molecular Biology is less than 60 years old and there are still some of us whose lives stretch across the entire period; it is important to have the first hand record of this amazing saga."
Sydney Brenner, March 2010