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Annual Report

The Annual Report is published once a year in July after having been approved by EMBL Council. Iin 2015, it moved from covering the past academic year to covering the past calendar year, including research highlights from all EMBL Units, important organisational and strategic aspects, and the Director General's responses to the Scientific Advisory Committee reviews of EMBL Scientific Units that were carried out during that year.

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Research at a Glance

Research at a Glance gives detailed information on current and future research projects of all group leaders at EMBL.

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EBI Annual Report

The EMBL-EBI Annual Scientific Reports present an in-depth account of our work at EMBL-EBI. We provide facts and figures on how EMBL-EBI resources are used, where our funding comes from, who is on staff, and what has been happening in all of our teams.

EMBL-EBI Annual Scientific Report 2014
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EMBL&cetera newsletter

In 2014, EMBLetc evolved from a bi-monthly newsletter into a dynamic website, quarterly print magazine, and monthly e-newsletter where you can read about our research, get a glimpse of life in the lab, follow the pursuits of alumni, keep up with innovations in training, and get the inside scoop on conferences and other events.

ATC publications

From molecules to organisms a permanent exhibition at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg, Germany. It presents snapshots of EMBL science, inviting you to explore the wide spectrum of life science research carried out in Europe’s leading laboratory for molecular biology.

Science in School

Science in School aims to promote inspiring science teaching by encouraging communication among science teachers, scientists and all others involved in European science education.

EMBL Programme

EMBL runs on a 5-year programme which is approved by Council. It is formulated with extensive input and support from internal and external sources such as the EMBL Heads of Units, Faculty members and coordinators of services, training, outreach and technology transfer activities. Regular evaluations of EMBL Units by the Scientific Advisory Committee have also provided crucial input.

EMBL Programme 2012 – 2016

EMBL Programme 2007 – 2011

EMBL Programme 2007 – 2011 (Annexes)

EMBL Visitor and Scholar Programme

The Visitor and Scholar Programme is part of the EMBL International Centre for Advanced Training and provides visiting scientists with logistical and organisational support, to make their stay at EMBL a pleasant and productive experience.

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