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Group Leader / Team Leader - GENOME BIOLOGY - PROTEOMICS Heidelberg (Germany) Science faculty
Interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellow at EMBL and Yale University on interferometric superresolution microscopy for structural cell biology Heidelberg (Germany) Postdoctoral fellowships
Postdocs in Computational Biology / Statistical Data Analysis: mechanisms of drug response from ex-vivo large-scale drug testing and multi-omics in cancer Heidelberg (Germany) Postdoctoral fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellow - Structural Biology Heidelberg (Germany) Postdoctoral fellowships
Computer Scientist / Bioinformatician Heidelberg (Germany) Bioinformatics and data curation
Administrative Assistant to the Director's Office Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Human Resources Administrator Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Human Resources Advisor Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Personal Assistant to the Administrative Director Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Senior Librarian Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Storekeeper / Lagerverwalter Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Scientific Computing - Support Engineer - SCB Unit Heidelberg (Germany) IT & software engineering
Projects & Communications Officer - Bioinformatics & Systems Medicine Heidelberg (Germany) Communication and training
Technical Officer - Electron Microscopy Core Facility Heidelberg (Germany) Technical support
Erzieher/in Kinderpfleger/in im Anerkennungsjahr Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
NEPTUNE ITN short-term fellowship Heidelberg (Germany) Trainee and internships
Rechtsreferendar/in Heidelberg (Germany) Trainee and internships

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