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Invited Participants

Developing new dialogue

10-12 November 2000, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Andrea Ballabio, Professor, Genetics, Director, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Naples, Italy

Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO, Lion Bioscience AG, Heidelberg, Germany

Mark Cantley, Head of Biotechnology Unit Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry of the OECD, Brussels, Belgium

Barbara Cohen, Director, Office of Communications, The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, New York, USA

John Collinge, Imperial College, London, UK

Alan Colman, Research Director, PPL Therapeutics, Edinburgh, Scotland

Julian Davies, Emeritus Professor, Microbiology and Immunology and Chief Scientific Officer of TerraGen Discovery Inc., Vancouver, Canada

David Dickson, News Editor, Nature, UK

Carl Djerassi, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University, USA

Stefan Flothmann, Head of Genetic Engineering Department, Greenpeace, Germany

Peter N. Goodfellow, Senior Vice-President, Discovery, SmithKline Beecham, UK

Maurizio Iaccarino, International Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, Naples, Italy

Sheila Jasanoff, Professor, Science and Public Policy, Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University, USA

Alastair Kent, Director, Genetic Interest Group, London, UK

Manfred Kern, Head of Global Technology Communication, Technology Strategy and Resources Unit, Aventis CropScience, Frankfurt, Germany

Julian Kinderlerer, Assistant Director, Sheffield Institute of Biotechnological Law and Ethics, UK

Charles Kurland, Professor, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Department of Molecular Evolution, BMC, Uppsala, Sweden

Christopher J. Leaver, Professor, Plant Science, Oxford University, UK

Jean-Louis Mandel, Professor, Genetics, IGBMC, Illkirch, France

Claire Marris, Researcher, French National Institute for Agricultural research, University of Versailles, France

Alexandre Mauron, Professor, Bioethics, University of Geneva Medical School, Switzerland

Benno Müller-Hill, Professor, Genetics Institute of Cologne University, Germany

Maynard Olson, Professor of Medicine and Genetics, Director of University of Washington Genome Center, USA

Viviene Parry, Writer and Broadcaster, UK

Jens Reich, Professor, Division of Genomic Informatics, Max-Delbrück Centre and Humboldt-University [Charité], Berlin, Germany

Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Director, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany

Ivo Schneider, Professor, History of Science, Federal University of Munich, Germany

Orla Smith, Science Editor, Science, USA

Kari Stefánsson, President and CEO, deCode Genetics, Reykjavik, Iceland

Beate Weber, Lady Mayor of Heidelberg, Germany

Robin Weiss, Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine , University College London, UK

Tom Wilkie, Head of Biomedical Ethics, The Wellcome Trust, UK

Lewis Wolpert, Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, University College London, UK

Brian Wynne, CSEC, Lancaster University, UK