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EMBL/EMBO Joint Conference 2004

Nadia Rosenthal, EMBL Monterotondo, Italy


Professor Nadia Rosenthal is Head of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's Outstation in Monterotondo (Rome), Italy. She moved to EMBL in 2001 from Harvard Medical School, where she directed a biomedical research laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital and served as an editor at the New England Journal of Medicine. Professor Rosenthal is a member of EMBO, and has been awarded the Ferrari-Soave Prize in Cell Biology. She has served on numerous grant review committees, advisory panels and editorial boards and is a member of the European Group on Life Sciences. She currently holds a visiting Professorship at the University of Western Australia. Professor Rosenthal√ęs laboratory has a strong interest in developmental genetics of skeletal muscle and heart with a parallel focus in the molecular biology of aging and stem cell-mediated regeneration.