The depth and breadth of training to which young scientists are exposed during their formative years at EMBL is decisive in their future success. Most importantly, they need to be on top of the latest developments in their field. Alongside making use of every resource available at EMBL, they achieve this by attending conferences at other respected research institutes. We encourage our young scientists to make a habit of exploring beyond their disciplines and beyond what EMBL can offer.


A group leader’s budget at EMBL does not include PhD student travel outside their specific area of research. The Internal Predoc Travel Grant (IPTG) fund was initiated by a group of dedicated PhD students to ensure that no one misses out on these important opportunities to expand scientific horizons.

‘IPTG’ is a play on the acronym for a chemical compound that is commonly used to induce the overexpression of a protein – the protein is still expressed without it, but the addition of IPTG greatly accelerates its production. Similarly, you can greatly accelerate the development of young scientists by supporting the IPTG fund.


The initiators of the fund have set their maximum support for each recipient at €300. We invite you to join these remarkable young people in fostering personal growth and scientific expertise, and to acknowledge their pioneering effort with your donation of €300 or more.