Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine - Dandrite, FIMM, NCMM, MIMS

Group Leader position with start-up package in Bioinformatics | Deadline: 2 Jul 2015
NCMM, Oslo, Norway

Postdoc in Breast Cancer Predisposition | Deadline: 15 Jul 2015
FIMM, Helsinki, Finland
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Postdoc in Computational Genomics | Deadline: 3 Aug 2015
FIMM, Helsinki, Finland

Postdoctoral research opportunities in Infection Biology and Molecular Infection Medicine | Deadline: 17 Aug 2015
MIMS, Umeå, Sweden

1 PhD student and 1 postdoctoral researcher (bioinformatics / biostatistics) | Deadline: 31 Aug 2015
FIMM, Helsinki, Finland

Postdoc in Molecular Infection Biology (molecular mechanisms governing bacterial persistent infections)
MIMS, Umeå, Sweden

Postdoctoral fellowship: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of extracellular ATP-mediated inflammation during infection
MIMS, Umeå, Sweden
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PhD students in Molecular Medicine
Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine - DANDRITE, FIMM, MIMS, NCMM


EMBL Australia

Group Leader in Organelle Biology and Disease | Deadline: 1 May 2015
South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute, (SAHMRI) Adelaide, Australia

Group Leader in Single Molecule Science | Deadline: 5 June 2015
University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia

Director, SBI Australia
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


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