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Proteomics and Structural Biology

Proteomics Module


Proteomics Module

Proteins are the main effectors of the genomic message. Logically, following up from years of genome sequencing, Proteomics and Structural Biology has emerged as a key discipline, aiming at characterising and defining (functionally, structurally, etc.) the full sets of proteins expressed from genomes. This involves the development of new techniques as well as expansion of classic methods to a format, where high-throughput- technology can be employed.

In this course you will learn about methods and concepts to explore protein structure and function. Starting from the experimental approaches by electron microscopy, crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance, you will be guided through the principles, technical challenges and applications of those methods in lectures and practicals. You will be exposed to classic concepts and major development in mass spectrometry and to the study of protein-protein interactions in cells. We will expand the view to the 'omics' scale to include how structural methods can be used in a high- or at least medium-throughput format.

In addition to the Journal Club discussion group for classical papers, the module offers a seminar-style Journal Club in which course participants will give presentations about selected papers in the fields of Proteomics and Structural Biology.