• Fill out the request form and discuss your question before sending samples.
  • Contact the Facility at any time to discuss sample preparation / processing / shipping.
  • Provide us with as much information about your sample / protein as you can.
  • Use clean containers to stain and store gels, and use them only for this purpose.
  • Use a lid for the container mentioned above.
  • Wear gloves at all times during sample handling.
  • Always contact the Facility before sending silver stained samples.
  • Only silver stain gels using this protocol.
  • Cut gel bands on a clean bench and a clean glass plate using a clean (=new) scalpel knife.
  • Acknowledge the Facility in your publications (please), if analyses / services have contributed to your work.  


  • DON'T ship samples over the weekend
  • DON'T incubate gels in the microwave to expedite coomassie staining
  • DON'T use commercial kits for silver or coomassie staining
  • DON'T use parafilm at all
  • DON'T use overhead transparencies to scan gels
  • DON'T use detergents for MS experiments of intact proteins
  • DON'T use >2% glycerol for MS experiments of intact proteins