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Bioinformatics at EMBLResearch

Bioinformatics activity

Bioinformatics is important for all research groups at EMBL. In some groups, bioinformatics is the major, or indeed only, research tool, while in others it plays an essential role alongside predominantly bench-based activities.

The chart below gives an overview of the diversity of bioinformatics activity in a range of EMBL groups.

Bertone Group
Gibson Team
Huber Group
Bork Group
Patil Group
Lamzin Group 75_bar
Hufnagel Group
Korbel Group
Krijgsveld Team
Beck Group
Carlomagno Group
Hiiragi Group
Panne Group
Sachse Group
Steinmetz Group
Svergun Group
Briggs Group
Ellenberg Group
Furlong Group
Schultz Group
Lemke Group
Gavin Group
Barabas Group
Genomics Core Facility
Neveu Group
Peri Group
Pillai Group
Typas Group
Arendt Group
Hentze Group
Heppenstall Group
Leptin Group