Synchrotron Instrumentation for structural biology

Our team develops instruments and methods for X-ray scattering experiments in collaboration with the EMBL Synchrotron Crystallography Team and the ESRF Structural Biology group, as well as contributing to the development of the EMBL@PETRA-III beamlines in Hamburg.

After a decade spent developing precision diffractometers and sample changers for MX and BioSAXS experiments (picture), a collaboration with  EMBL Hamburg to build a kappa diffractometer able to process routinely crystals down to 2-3 microns size is under way.

Jointly with the Grenoble HTX team, we are currently exploring a new concept to automatically harvest crystals grown in specifically designed crystallization plates.

Our technical expertise in high precision mechanics, cryogenics, optics, electronics and software, associated with the scientific input provided by the Synchrotron Crystallography Team ensures the success of our instruments.  Most of these developments are transferred to industry and commercialised worldwide with the support of EMBL's commercial arm specialised in technology transfer,  EMBLEM

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Cipriani Team

Selected publications

New beamline dedicated to solution scattering from biological macromolecules at the ESRF.
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*Joint first authorship

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