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Signing of the EMBL Australia partnership

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Partners: EMBL; Monash University (hub), Group of Eight (Go8) Australia, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

In March 2008 Australia became EMBL’s first associate member state for an initial period of seven years that could be renewed.

As part of the implementation of the associate membership, Australia has agreed to set up a partnership laboratory network, building upon its scientific strengths in cell biology, clinical research, stem cells and regenerative medicine, chemical biology and genetic epidemiology. Its hub is located at Monash University in Melbourne and nodes are planned at the universities of Sydney, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Nadia Rosenthal is the Scientific Head of the Laboratory.

A mirror of some of EMBL-EBI’s data resources is being constructed at the University of Queensland and was officially launched on 21 June 2011.

In March 2013, EMBL and the EMBL Australia Participants formalized their partnership through the signing of a Framework Agreement for promoting collaboration in basic molecular biology research and executing activities in the framework of EMBL Australia.