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Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

Partners: EMBL; Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

The partnership between EMBL and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) was established in 2006 and aims at addressing issues in the field of systems biology. The partnership was institutionalised through the creation of an EMBL-CRG Unit for Research in Systems Biology, headed by Luis Serrano, a former joint coordinator of the EMBL Structural and Computational Biology Unit.

The EMBL-CRG partnership arose from Spain’s desire to implement the EMBL model in the development of a new national research institution. The partnership builds upon the synergistic commitments of the partners and successfully combines EMBL's expertise in computational biology with the CRG's know-how in specific areas of genomics and proteomics, and hopes to further the understanding of some of the key aspects of biology relevant to human health.

The research draws on the expertise of various scientific disciplines and spans systems analysis from the molecular to cellular level. The research teams, headed by EMBL Heidelberg’s Peer Bork and Anne-Claude Gavin, are the main collaboration hubs from EMBL’s side, and they closely interact with Luis Serrano and his teams.

The largest project undertaken so far under the umbrella of the EMBL-CRG partnership is the Mycoplasma pneumoniae project. Essentially, it is aimed at the elucidation of a comprehensive structural and temporal description of an entire cell at close to molecular resolution. The success and outstanding quality of the collaborative project is substantiated by a number of major joint publications in Science that were widely acclaimed amongst the international scientific community.

On the European level, EMBL and the CRG are working together in the framework of the EURO-BioImaging project.