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Eltsov M, Dubé N, Yu Z, Pasakarnis L, Haselmann-Weiss U, Brunner D, Frangakis AS. (2015)

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Nat. Cell Biol. 17(5):605-614. doi:10.1038/ncb3159
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Heritable yeast prions have a highly organized three-dimensional architecture with interfiber structures

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Nucleosomes stacked with aligned dyad axes are found in native compact chromatin in vitro

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Human mitotic chromosomes consist predominantly of irregularly folded nucleosome fibres without a 30-nm chromatin structure

EMBO J. 31(7):1644-1653. doi:10.1038/emboj.2012.35
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Analysis of cryo-electron microscopy images does not support the existence of 30-nm chromatin fibers in mitotic chromosomes in situ

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