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22 April 2014 Imaris version 7.7.1 available.
25 March 2014 First Leica - GerBI course for bio-imaging core facility staff,
6 May 2014, Leica Mannheim, Germany
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18 March 2014 Imaris version 7.7.0 available.
14 March 2014 An Andor Revolution W1 spinning disk with IR port (to image NIR fluorescent proteins) will be available for test in the ALMF between 24 March and 4 April.
11 March 2014 Workshop on 3D Raman Imaging by WITec.
20 December 2013

ALMF basics courses 2014:

Basics in Light Microscopy 13 - 16 January 2014

Basics in Optical Sectioning Microscopy 3 -6 February 2014

Image Analysis and Visualization Workshop 24 - 28 February 2014

Basics in Super-resolution Microscopy 7 - 11 April 2014

12 November 2013 Needle Puller and Eppendorf microinjection have been relocated to room 13-515C.
23 October 2013 Arivis workshop: 3D/4D- Visualization and Analysis Software for Gigabyte-sized Images.
The Arivis browser will be available to test for at least a month.
17 October 2013 The Leica GSDIM has been upgraded to 3D GSDIM and is now able to localize in X,Y (~20 nm localization precision) and Z (up to 50nm localization precision).
17 July 2013 New Imaris version 7.6.4 available.
17 June 2013

Andor Revolution CSU W1 demo in the ALMF. The Andor Revolution CSU W1 stays at EMBL from July 1 till July 18.

July 1 in room 13-518
11:15 Paolo Barzaghi (Andor Technology):
"Andor Revolution WD dual disk spinning disk: See more, See deeper".

System intros are July 1 and 2.

5 June 2013

GE and ALMF organize an EMBL internal workshop on the OMX blaze microscope on 20 June.

12 April 2013 A Leica gated STED super-resolution microscope has been installed in the ALMF.
10 April 2013 The Olympus TIRF system has been upgraded with the new Olympus IX-83 microscope stand and the new Olympus/Pecon incubator.
26 March 2013

Zeiss and ALMF offer a workshop on the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 (commercial SPIM system) on 18 April:

10:00 room 13-518: Presentation of the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1
Dr. Sven Poppelreuther (Zeiss)
11:00 room 13-516A: General introduction of the Lightsheet Z.1,
13:00 room 13-516A: Hands-on with your own samples

The system will stay at EMBL for tests until May 1st. Please read the sample preparation guideline, if you want to try it with your own samples.

Please contact almf, if you would like to participate in the workshop and test the system or have any other questions.

25 February 2013 The Huygens Remote Manager (HRM) has been updated to version 3.0 (using Huygens core 4.3). It now offers an optimzed workflow and more features.
List of changes, user manual (to follow soon)

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