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Chemical Biology Core FacilityPublications

New 7-Methylguanine Derivatives Targeting the Influenza Polymerase PB2 Cap-Binding Domain.
Pautus, S., Sehr, P., Lewis, J., Fortune, A., Wolkerstorfer, A., Szolar, O., Guilligay, D., Lunardi, T., Decout, J.L. & Cusack, S.
J Med Chem. 2013 Nov 14;56(21):8915-30. doi: 10.1021/jm401369y. Epub 2013 Nov 6. Europe PMC

Tripolin A, a novel small-molecule inhibitor of aurora A kinase, reveals new regulation of HURP's distribution on microtubules.
Kesisova, I.A., Nakos, K.C., Tsolou, A., Angelis, D., Lewis, J., Chatzaki, A., Agianian, B., Giannis, A. & Koffa, M.D.
PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e58485. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058485. Epub 2013 Mar 13. Europe PMC

High throughput screening against the peroxidase cascade of African trypanosomes identifies antiparasitic compounds that inactivate tryparedoxin.
Fueller, F., Jehle, B., Putzker, K., Lewis, J.D. & Krauth-Siegel, R.L.
J Biol Chem. 2012 Mar 16;287(12):8792-802. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.338285. Epub2012 Jan 23. Europe PMC

Inhibition of aurora kinases for tailored risk-adapted treatment of multiple myeloma.
Hose, D., Reme, T., Meissner, T., Moreaux, J., Seckinger, A., Lewis, J.D., Benes, V., Benner, A., Hundemer, M., Hielscher, T., Shaughnessy JD, J.r, Barlogie, B., Neben, K., Kramer, A., Hillengass, J., Bertsch, U., Jauch, A., De Vos, J., Rossi, J.F., Mohler, T., Blake, J., Zimmermann, J., Klein, B. & Goldschmidt, H.
Blood. 2009 Apr 30;113(18):4331-40. Epub 2009 Jan 26. Europe PMC

Residues in the HIV-1 capsid assembly inhibitor binding site are essential for maintaining the assembly-competent quaternary structure of the capsid protein.
Bartonova, V., Igonet, S., Sticht, J., Glass, B., Habermann, A., Vaney, M.C., Sehr, P., Lewis, J.D., Rey, F.A. & Krausslich, H.G.
J Biol Chem. 2008 Nov 14;283(46):32024-33. Epub 2008 Sep 4. Europe PMC

The structural basis for cap binding by influenza virus polymerase subunit PB2.
Guilligay, D., Tarendeau, F., Resa-Infante, P., Coloma, R., Crepin, T., Sehr, P., Lewis, J.D., Ruigrok, R.W., Ortin, J., Hart, D.J. & Cusack, S.
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2008 May;15(5):500-6. Epub 2008 May 4. Europe PMC

The E6 oncoprotein of human papillomavirus 16 as a therapeutic target
Dymalla, S; Butz, K; Lohrey, C; Scheffner, M; Sehr, P; Lewis, J; Hoppe-Seyler, F
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Dec 2007 6(12)

Evaluation of different glutathione S-transferase-tagged protein captures for screening E6/E6AP interaction inhibitors using AlphaScreen.
Sehr, P., Pawlita, M. & Lewis, J.
J Biomol Screen. 2007 Jun;12(4):560-7. Epub 2007 May 3. Europe PMC

Thanatop: a novel 5-nitrofuran that is a highly active, cell-permeable inhibitor of topoisomerase II.
Polycarpou-Schwarz, M., Muller, K., Denger, S., Riddell, A., Lewis, J.D., Gannon, F. & Reid, G.
Cancer Res. 2007 May 1;67(9):4451-8. Europe PMC

The role of the chemical biology core facility at EMBL: a vision for a European roadmap.
Lewis, J.D.
ACS Chem Biol. 2007 Jan 23;2(1):21-3. Europe PMC

Systematic discovery of new recognition peptides mediating protein interaction networks.
Neduva, V., Linding, R., Su-Angrand, I., Stark, A., de Masi, F., Gibson, T.J., Lewis, J.D., Serrano, L. & Russell, R.B.
PLoS Biol. 2005 Dec;3(12):e405. Epub 2005 Nov 15. Europe PMC

Structure of the hepatitis C virus IRES bound to the human 80S ribosome: remodeling of the HCV IRES.
Boehringer, D., Thermann, R., Ostareck-Lederer, A., Lewis, J.D. & Stark, H.
Structure. 2005 Nov;13(11):1695-706. Europe PMC

The role of RNA interference in drug target validation: Application to Hepatitis C.
Ostareck-Lederer, A., Clauder-M√ľnster, S., Thermann, R., Polycarpou-Schwartz, M., Gentzel, M., Wilm, M. & Lewis, J.D.
In "RNA Interference Technology", Appasani, K. (ed.), 2005, Cambridge University Press, pp. 318-330