Electron Microscopes (EMCF)

Microscope Features Room
Morgagni screening microscope, equipped with a side-mounted 1K CCD Camera (SIS) 318
Biotwin CM120 Philips microscope for screening and 2D acquisition, equipped with a bottom-mounted 1K CCD Camera (Keen View, SIS) 305C
TECNAI F30, 300kV FEG, FEI tomography microscope (plastic samples), and cryomicroscope, primarily for cellular tomography application 322
CrossBeam Auriga 60, Zeiss Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) for large-volume 3D imaging. 319

Electron Microscopes (Structural Biology)

Microscope Features Room
Biotwin Ice CM120 Philips screening microscope for cryo samples, equipped with a bottom-mounted 4K CCD Camera (TIPS) 316
POLARA, 300kV FEG, FEI cryo-microscope for high resolution molecular structure analysis, both single particle and tomography. Equipped with Energy Filter and 2K CCD camera plus a 4K pre-gif CCD. 320
Titan Krios, 300kV FEG, FEI Cryo-microscope for high-resolution structural analysis and tomography. Equipped with two direct electron detectors, Energy Filter and automatic loading and refilling systems. 312


For plastic sections

Conventional Ultramicrotomes Room
UC7, Leica plastic-1 325
Ultracut S, Leica plastic-2 325
Ultracut T, Leica plastic-3 323A

For cryosections

Cryo-ultra-microtomes room #325
UC6, Leica cryo-3, for Tokuyasu cryosections
UC6, Leica cryo-1, for frozen hydrated sections, located in a box with temperature and humidity control

Sample preparation

High Pressure Freezer

room #305A
EMPACT-2 (Leica) cell cryofixation at a pressure of ~2050 bar, accepts copper carriers, equipped with rapid loader
HPM-010 (Abra-Fluid) can accept larger samples, different types of carriers available

Freeze Substitution Devices (FS)

room #305A
AFS-2a, Leica
process samples for manual freeze-substitution and plastic-embedding
AFS-2b, Leica
process samples for manual freeze-substitution and plastic-embedding
AFS-2c, Leica
process samples for manual freeze-substitution and plastic-embedding, acquired with the support of the HMLS

Accessory equipment

1 Knife-maker, used to prepare glass knives for ultramicrotomy (Leica)
Location: Room 325

Carbon coaters
Leica EM ACE 600 acquired with the support of the HMLS
Location: Room 312

Glow discharge device
Location: Room 324