The facility provides key services, such as sorting heterogeneous cell populations into homogeneous populations based on their fluorescence

The goal of the facility is to proactively introduce flow cytometric methods into new research areas while supporting and extending current research.

We offer a wide range of flow cytometric techniques. Our equipment adds flexibility in the preparation and execution of experiments, allowing different approaches to addressing scientific problems. Our facility strives to meet researchers’ needs and enable the highest possible resolution in terms of analysis and product.

Major projects and accomplishments

  • Cell cloning by Darwinian selection, requiring several rounds of single cell sorting of target populations into 96-well plates, agar plates or other culture vessels. Examples of how this technique is being used include the generation of homogeneous cell lines with stably genome-integrated transfected genes and the selection of clones carrying improved fluorescent protein variants out of genetically engineered libraries.
  • High-resolution analysis through photo saturation of dimly fluorescent bistable states in reworked bacterial signalling cascades.
  • Evaluation of FRET probes in a novel assay for the evaluation of apoptosis.
  • High throughput sorting of low frequency tissue-specific fly embryo nuclei carrying dim fluorescent signals as a preparative step in the analysis of chromatin modifications with regulatory function.
  • Chromosome karyotyping and sorting for DNA sequencing and proteomics studies.

    Services provided

    • Complex multi-colour analysis of cell populations based on light scatter, fluorescent probes content and light intensities (including polarisation).
    • Sorting of rare populations out of a heterogeneous particle mix. Cell cloning, particle enrichment and high purity bulk sorts.
    • Providing EMBL scientific staff with expertise in flow cytometric techniques required in their research projects.
    • Providing our researchers with advice and training in the use of flow cytometry, instrument operation and post-acquisition data analysis.
    • Developing novel flow cytometric techniques to meet EMBL’s diverse scientific needs.

    Technology partners

    We work with equipment from Beckman Coulter, Cytopeia Inc., Becton Dickinson, Union Biometrica, Coherent Inc., and Miltenyi Biotec. We are open to testing new technological developments to best serve the needs of the scientific community.