The library provides access to a variety of services, either in electronic or hardcopy form as well as advice and training:

Access to scientific literature:

The core service of the library is the provision of access to scientific literature via

  1. e-journals
  2. e-books
  3. printed book collection – books can be acquired for
    1. the library
    2. a group or lab within EMBL (HD or outstations)
    3. individuals

Printed books can be ordered by using the library ordering system or by contacting the library directly.

Document delivery service/article & book loans:

If the library collection does not hold the specific material a reader is interested in, then there is a document-delivery service available. Within a short period of time this service will provide research articles or books to the researchers.  

Additional scientific resources – databases & protocols:

In addition scientific resources and databases are hosted by the library, covering a range from scientific literature databases to protocols and more.

Open access, copy right & access to the BMC scheme:

The library assists the researchers with advise concerning open access and copyright questions. It also manages the BioMed Central membership scheme for open access publishing.


In addition the library offers training for Endnote, Mendeley, Web of Science and PubMed.

Reading Room:

The reading room holds the printed collection of books, book series and journals. In addition there are a number of work areas for readers available, some 20 places for short- and some 12 places for long-term study. Furthermore, there are 10 dual-boot Macs (doubling as PCs) at the service of readers, as well as printing and copying facilities.