If your question is not answered below, please contact the Library.

1. Where do I get Library information when I am new at EMBL?

All newcomers will be given a Library introduction when going through the sign-in routine. Here on the website you can find general information about the Library as well as hints how to borrow a book. Information brochures are also available in the Library, on the wall display just inside the main door.

2. How can I contact the librarians?

For the contact details and address please have a look at the Contact page.

3. Who is allowed to use the Library?

EMBL staff can use the Library during the opening hours and after hours by using the EMBL access card. External visitors have to register in the Library Office during the opening hours. Visitors agree not to use licensed resources of the library; please, contact the librarians for further information. The Szilárd Library is a reference library only - but you may copy the things you are interested in!

Further details can be taken from the Information for external visitors leaflet.

Prices for photocopies:

1. Black and white photocopies:

  • A4: EUR 0.05
  • A3: EUR 0.10

2. Colour photocopies:

  • A4: EUR 0.50
  • A3: EUR 1.00 

4. When do I have access to the Library?

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 17:30
Friday: 9:00 - 16:30

EMBL staff may use the Library after hours by using their EMBL access card.

5. How can I access the Library Web Catalogue?

You can access the Library catalogue here.

6. How often is the Library Web Catalogue updated?

Daily. Every change in the catalogue is visible in the web catalogue immediately.

7. What does the Library Web Catalogue offer?

The Library Web Catalogue contains the following record types: books, monographic series and their parts, annual reports, conference series, journals, theses, CD-ROMs.

Quick links from the main Catalogue page will allow you to see:

  • all new titles received in the last 30 days
  • all new journal issues received in the last 7 days
  • all EMBL theses
  • Science and Society books
  • missing books  

8. How do I get a personal account & what can I do with it?

You can log on to your Library Personal Account by providing your EMBL login ID and a password which you create the first time you log in. You can choose any password you like - and the first time you will be asked to verify this password.

If you receive the message "Invalid user name please try again" please contact the Library and give us your login user name, we will then activate an account for you.

When you access your account you will immediately be able to see the following items:

  • an email link so you can send the Library a message
  • your borrower information
  • your active loans
  • you can renew your overdue books
  • your active reserve list
  • your interlibrary loans (journal article requests and book orders) and status of the order
  • you can make a new request for a journal article or a book purchase
  • you can suggest a title to be added to the Library collection  

9. I have found some items in the Library Web Catalogue. Where can I find them in the Library?

The media are freely accessible in the Szilárd Library. The books are in a systematic order, sorted in sections A to T, and the print journals and series are in alphabetical order. Older journals are stored in the archive and can be retrieved at request.

If you are interested in a record you can click on 'Full display', here every book record has a note saying 'spine label' indicating the classmark , eg. 'L1 Gil'.  The first part describes the section in the Library, the second indicates the position of the book within the section. At the bottom of the 'Full display' record you will see a note 'Item information/ Location' stating where the book is and if it is on loan or not.

10. Which Library items can be borrowed?

Books, series, EMBL theses, CD-ROMs and some reference books (self-guided learning) for a period of four weeks. Bound or unbound journals may not be borrowed! Please don't forget to return all Library items when you leave EMBL.

11. What should I do if I need to scan an article or if I need slides of an article of a bound or unbound journal?

The OCE colour printer is also a scanner. Step by step instructions are provided near to the machine (posted on the window) which allows you to save a file to a USB stick.

12. The Library item I want to borrow is not on the shelf. What should I do?

The Library item you are looking for has been borrowed by someone else, or it may be misplaced or even missing. In any case, please contact the librarians, and they will try to locate the item for you.

13. How do I return borrowed Library items?

Please put the books /CD-ROMs you want to return into the book return box next to the entrance or bring them to the Library office. The librarians will remove them from your account and reshelf them.

14. What happens if I damage or lose a book?

Borrowers are responsible for all material borrowed, and if it is lost or badly damaged you will be responsible for replacing the material. We do understand that accidents can happen, so please come and talk to the librarians if something unfortunate does happen to one of the books in your possession.

15. How can I reserve a borrowed book?

Just contact the Library and let us know. You'll get an email when the book can be collected in the Library office.

16. How can I extend the loan period?

The loan period of Library items can be renewed if the items are not reserved / requested by another user. You can renew the loan period using your personal Library account, or contact the Library.

17. How can I cancel an order or a book reservation?

Please send an email to the Szilárd Library.

18. Which classification system does the Szilárd Library use?

The Library currently uses an internal classification scheme although plans are underway to change to a more internationally recognized standard such as Dewey or LC.

19. How can I make suggestions regarding ordering books and other media for the Szilárd Library?

Just make a suggestion using the online ordering system on our webpage or just send us the details by email.

20. What should I do if I'd like to order books for my group or for myself?

Again, just use the online ordering system on our webpage.

21. Can I request a book that is not available in the Szilárd Library from another Library?

Yes, you can. We order books from other libraries through inter-Library loan. Just order it using the online ordering system on our webpage. Usually, the books are delivered within a few days.

22. Can I ask for a photocopy of a journal article or a photocopy of a patent that is not available in the Szilárd Library?

Yes, you can. We can order photocopies of articles and patents which are not available in the Szilárd Library. Just order it using the online ordering system on our webpage. Please, read the information on document delivery beforehand.

23. Where can I find international newspapers?

You can find the daily national and international newspapers near the Library entrance. We keep the old newspapers for one week in the photo-copier room.

24. How do I access electronic publications / e-journals / e-books?

If you work at EMBL, you can access electronic publications e.g. e-books and e-journals listed on the Library webpages, see E-journals and electronic resources.

25. How do I get the impact factors of journals?

We have online access to the Journal Citation Reports. On the Web of Science search screen go to additional resources, then journal citation reports.