Patrick Wincker, Olivier Jaillon
Genoscope, Institut de Génomique du CEA, France

The Genoscope is investigating the genomics and transcriptomics of plankton community, with particular emphasis on :

  • Sequencing metagenomes, metatranscriptomes, and reference genomes from TARA stations.
  • Assembly and annotation of individual and community genomes and transcriptomes.
  • Comparative metagenomics of eukaryotes.
  • Variability in the genome organization of marine eukaryotes.
  • Genomics of association between diverse genera seen through single-cell or single-organism sequencing.

Relevant publications

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1 postdoc working on Genomics and transcriptomics of metazoan zooplankton.
1 postdoc to work on bioinformatics approaches for comparing eukaryote metagenomes and metatranscriptomes across large geographical distances.

For application, please send your CV to Patrick or Olivier.