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Groundbreaking Ceremony

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6 October 2006
In the presence of the German Minister for Education and Research, Annette Schavan

Prof. Dr. Peter Frankenberg (Minister for Science, Research and Arts, Baden-Württemberg), Dr. h.c. Klaus Tschira (Klaus Tschira Foundation), Dr. Annette Schavan (Minister of Education and Research, Germany), Dr. Iain Mattaj (EMBL Director General) and Prof. Dr. Eero Vuorio (Chair of EMBL Council).

Prof. Peter Lange, Dr. Frank Gannon (EMBO Executive Director), Dr. Annette Schavan, Prof. Eero Vuorio and Dr. Iain Mattaj.

Dr. Iain Mattaj, Dr. h.c. Klaus Tschira, Prof. Dr. Peter Lange, and Dr. Annette Schavan.

Dr. Iain Mattaj, Dr. h.c. Klaus Tschira and Dr. Annette Schavan discuss the ATC plans.

Dr. Iain Mattaj, Manfred Bernhardt (Architect BDA), Dr. h.c. Klaus Tschira, Prof. Dr. Matthias Hentze (EMBL Associate Director)