One of EMBL's 5 Core Missions: Advanced Training

EICAT is devoted to excellence in training at all stages of careers in the life sciences. It promotes  advanced training activities between the five EMBL sites, between EMBL and its sister institution EMBO, as well as between the laboratory and research organisations in the EMBL member states.

EICAT specifically provides training for a variety of target audiences. The training prospects range from the International PhD Programme and the Postdoctoral Programme to the Collaborative Training Programme. The portfolio also includes the Courses and Conferences Programme. The Visitor and Scholar Programme offers principal investigators as well as postdocs, PhD and undergraduate students from all over the world the opportunity to associate with the laboratory for a period of study, reflection and exposure to ongoing research.

In close collaboration with EMBL's Human Resources department, EICAT promotes career development for EMBL staff through the General Training and Development Programme.

EICAT cooperates with the Science and Society Programme as well as with the European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences (ELLS), EMBL's education facility for high school teachers.

Welcome to the world of training at EMBL!