Cell Biology and Biophysics

Ellenberg Group - Systems biology of cell division and nuclear organisation
Gilmour Group - Multicellular morphogenesis
Kaksonen Group - Dynamics of membrane trafficking
Lénart Group - Cytoskeletal dynamics and function in oocytes
Nédélec Group - Cellular architecture
Neveu Group - Systems biology of stem cell differentiation
Ries Group - Cellular Nanoscopy
Schultz Group - Chemical cell biology
Schwab Team - Volume correlative light and electron microscopy

Developmental Biology

Aulehla Group - Timing of mammalian embryogenesis
Heisler Group - Developmental patterning in plants
Hiiragi Group - Systems-level understanding of early mammalian development
Peri Group - Microglia: the guardians of the developing brain

Genome Biology

Huber Group - Multi-omics and statistical computing
Köhn Group - Phosphatase chemistry and biology
Noh Group - Epigenetic mechanisms of neurodevelopment and diseases

Structural and Computational Biology

Alexandrov Team - Spatial metabolomics
Beck Group - Structure and Function of large Macromolecular Assemblies
Briggs Group - Viruses and vesicles – cryo-electron microscopy and tomography
Lemke Group - Structural light microscopy – single molecule spectroscopy
Müller (Christoph) Group - Molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and epigenetics
Sachse Group - Single-particle electron cryo-microscopy of the machinery involved in abnormal protein aggregation

EMBL Hamburg

Lamzin Group - Integrative modelling for structural biology

EMBL Grenoble

Schaffitzel Team – Ribosomal complexes: targeting, translocation and quality control

EMBL Monterotondo

Lancrin Group - The haemogenic endothelium: a key stage in the generation of the first blood cells