Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 18 - 21 May 2010
Deadlines Registration closed

This workshop has the aim to bring together leading scientists and engineers from academia and industry working on the development and application of advanced light microscopy techniques with researchers working in life sciences with a strong interest in applying cutting edge light microscopy to their scientific topics.

The specific themes that will be addressed in this workshop are: Image analysis, high throughput microscopy, ultra high resolution microscopy (e.g. STED, STORM, PALM), correlative light and electron microscopy, design of fluorescent probes for functional imaging. Two session of the workshop will be on high-end biological applications of light microscopy. They will address imaging of nuclear structure and organisation including DNA repair, advanced imaging of whole embryos during development and single molecule analyses using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

An important objective of the workshop is to discuss biological applications of the recently developed light microscopy methods. Therefore, the list of speakers will include “hard core” technology developers and biologists. The latter ones presenting topics that make or could make use of the technological advances. A maximum of 150 participants of the workshop will therefore be selected such, that a balance between technology developers and scientists who apply the technology to biology is achieved. In order to achieve a maximum of interaction between participants a poster session will be organised and 9 oral presentations by meeting participants will be selected from submitted poster abstracts.

A substantial contribution to this workshop will come from companies operating in the fields of light microscopy and image analysis. They will contribute to the meeting by organising parallel hands on workshops during two afternoons of the meeting, where they present and discuss their latest developments in light microscopy. The topics and speakers of the workshops will be selected by the companies. .


EMBL Corporate Partnership Registration Fee Fellowships available for this meeting.