Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 26 - 29 Sep 2012
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  • Summary
    Chemical Biology is a quickly growing highly interdisciplinary field, which investigates biological questions by using chemical strategies and tools. It has emerged to become an important and central discipline by itself complementing areas such as medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, cell biology, structural biology and biochemistry. Researchers in Chemical Biology find themselves at home in the chemistry and the biology lab and fuse the experimental possibilities that both have to offer.

  • Aims of event
    The biennial series aims to give an overview on the current status of the fast evolving field and an outlook to where the field is heading. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for scientists using diverse research approaches and methods to come together and to network. It is structured to enhance exchange and discussions between researchers, for the benefit of their own research as well as for the progress of the field.

  • Topics
    The conference will cover a broad area of approaches and methods used in Chemical Biology including:

    • Molecular imaging and switching tools
    • Computational and structural approaches
    • Innovative drug design approaches
    • Chemical genetics and high throughput methods
    • Novel synthetic methods as applied to biological questions
    • Chemical protein engineering
    • Chemical cell biology

History of this Conference

The conference Chemical Biology 2010 was held at the new Advanced Training Centre at EMBL Heidelberg. Due to the large success of the initial conference in 2008, Chemical Biology 2010 and the following conferences in the biennial series became a member of the family of EMBO-funded conferences. With about 30 invited speakers, 20 oral presentations chosen from the abstracts, 180 posters and over 300 participants, the 2010 event was a truly impressive success.

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