Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 14 - 16 Nov 2012
Deadlines Application closed

Final Programme

Day 1 - Wednesday 14 November 2012
09:00 Welcome
  Introduction to ZFN Technology
  ZFN Design
  Genome Editing and Delivery
  Nucleofection Overview
  Lab Practical: Nucleofection
  Double-Strand Break (DSB) Repair
  Gene Knockout and Validation
  Dinner at EMBL
20:00 Bus to Hotel
Day 2 - Thursday 15 November 2012
09:00 Gene Insertion and Tagging
  Donor Plasmid Design
  Lab Practical: Cel-1 Assay
  Integration Detection
  Dilution Cloning and Genotyping
  Quantitation of ZFN Cel-1 Clevage Activity
  Lab Practical: Junction PCR
  Dilution Cloning and Genotyping
  Lab Practical: RFLP Assay
17:00 Bus to hotels
Day 3 - Friday 16 November 2012
09:00 Lab Practical: Junction PCR
  Lab Practical: RFLP Assay
  Guest Lecture
  Troubleshooting Exercise
  Lab Practical: Results
17:00 End of course and bus to train station