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The 16th EMBL PhD Symposium: Inspired by Biology - Exploring Nature's Toolbox

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Thursday 23 October - Saturday 25 October 2014 Registration will open shortly

Check the conference website to register and see the latest news on the speakers and the programme:


While scientific research continues to enable innovations in technology, it also raises questions and issues that we do not yet have the tools to address. However, similar challenges have often been faced and overcome in nature.

The 16th EMBL PhD symposium, entitled "Inspired by Biology - Exploring Nature's Toolbox", will delve into the creative and multidisciplinary uses of existing biological mechanisms to solve problems in basic and applied sciences.  The conference will cover a range of fields from DNA nanorobots and xenonucleic acids through to tissue engineering and biomaterials.

The EMBL PhD symposium is organized every year by first-year PhD students of all EMBL outstations. Participants from all over the world gather in Heidelberg, Germany, for a three-day event with talks from both top-level scientists and PhD students themselves. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to take part in informal blackboard sessions given by the keynote speakers, offering an exciting means to discuss the topics directly with leading experts.

In a time when the value of basic research is being questioned, the 2014 symposium hopes to demonstrate the diverse ways in which biological knowledge can be applied to solve problems of public, academic and industrial interest.