EMBL Heidelberg is located in the Metropole Region Rhein Neckar, an area of scientific, economic and cultural development in South West Germany. The city is the home of Germany's oldest university and is a world famous research centre for industry and science. Heidelberg is the perfect location for EMBL's conferences, as it enjoys an outstanding reputation in science and research and it is very easy to reach in the centre of Europe.

Heidelberg is located between Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart and has easy access from the following airports:

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) - 82 km Google Maps

Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) - 163 km Google Maps

Stuttgart Airport (STR) - 120 km Google Maps

Karlsruhe Baden Airport (FKB) - 90 km Google Maps

EMBL is conveniently embedded in a picturesque environment on the hillside overlooking the Rhine valley, within a 10 min taxi ride of the city centre of Heidelberg and the main station. Public transport is available during the day, and during conferences EMBL ensures frequent bus transfers between EMBL, the Heidelberg city centre, and the hotels.