Cell Biology and Biophysics

Ellenberg Group - Systems biology of cell division and nuclear organisation
Gilmour Group - Multicellular morphogenesis
Hufnagel Group - Dynamics of cell growth and tissue architecture
Lénart Group - Cytoskeletal dynamics and function in oocytes
Nédélec Group - Cellular architecture
Neveu Group - Systems biology of stem cell differentiation

Developmental Biology

Heisler Group - Developmental patterning in plants
Hiiragi Group - Symmetry breaking and self-organisation in mammalian development

Directors' Research

Leptin Group - Cell shape and morphogenesis: subcellular and supracellular mechanisms

Genome Biology

Furlong Group - Genome regulation during embryonic development
Huber Group - Multi-omics and statistical computing
Korbel Group - Origin and function of genetic variation
Krijgsveld Team - Quantitative proteomics
Steinmetz Group - Systems genetics and precision health

Structural and Computational Biology

Alexandrov Team - Spatial metabolomics
Bork Group - Deciphering function and evolution of biological systems
Carlomagno Group - Functional mechanisms of complex enzymes involved in RNA metabolism and methodology development for drug design
Gibson Team - Biological sequence analysis
Lemke Group - Structural light microscopy – single molecule spectroscopy
Patil Group - Architecture and regulation of metabolic networks
Zaugg Group - Personalised genomics to study genetic basis of complex diseases
Zeller Team - Understanding human microbiome perturbations in the context of personalised health and disease

EMBL Hamburg

Lamzin Group - Integrative modelling for structural biology

EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Apweiler Team - Protein, cheminformatics and metabolism data
Brazma Group - Functional genomics
Flicek Team - Vertebrate genomics
Goldman Group - Evolutionary tools for genomic analysis
Gerstung Group - Computational cancer biology
Marioni Group - Computational and evolutionary genomics
Saez-Rodriguez Group - Systems biomedicine
Stegle Group - Computational genomics and systems genetics
Steinbeck Team - Cheminformatics and metabolism

EMBL Monterotondo

Asari Group - Visual systems neuroscience