This section provides an overview of some of the typically asked questions pertaining to the EIPOD application.  If you do not find an answer to your question here please contact the EIPOD office.

Who is eligible to apply?

The EIPOD fellowship programme is open to all nationalities, the only criteria being scientific excellence and interdisciplinarity.

Can I apply before finishing my PhD?

Yes, but you must have your PhD (or 4 years of full-time equivalent research experience) before you can start your EIPOD position.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow. Am I eligible to apply?

We welcome applications from scientists who are currently doing postdoctoral research at another institution.  Postdocs at EMBL are also eligible to apply provided that previous affiliation with EMBL does not exceed 12 months in the last three years prior to the expected start date of the fellowship.

My referee did not receive the request to fill in the online reference form.

First ask your reference to check in their spam folder to make sure the invitation to fill in the  online reference form did not end up there.  If this is not the case then please get in touch with the EIPOD office and we will resend the email invitation to your referee.

My referee does not have an institutional email address.

Please ask your referee to complete the online reference with the available email address. In addition, please ask them to send a reference letter on institutional headed paper, signed and stamped as a PDF document to Please ask your referee to include your application ID number in the reference letter.

If I am successful when do I have to start the EIPOD position?

Successful applicants must start their fellowship within 6 months of the EIPOD interviews.