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UndergraduatesResearch Units

EMBL-EBI Hinxton

The following groups are actively looking for undergraduate students to join their labs for a certain period of time. Please contact the respective group leader for details and application.

Research projects

Bateman Group - Analysis of protein and RNA sequence

Beltrao Group - Evolution of Cellular Networks

Bertone Group - Genomic analysis of developmental pathways

Birney Team - Protein and Nucleotide Database

Cochrane Team - European Nucleotide Archive Team

Enright Group - RNA Genomics

Flicek Team - Vertebrate Genomics

Goldman Group  - Method development for the analysis of DNA and amino acid sequences to study evolution

Hermjakob Team - Proteomics Services Team

Hunter Team - InterPro Team

Kersey Team - EnsEMBL Genomes Team

Gerard Kleywegt - Protein Databank in Europe

Marioni Group - Computational and evolutionary genomics

Overington Group - Computational Chemical Biology applied to drug discovery

Saez-Rodriguez Group - Systems Biomedicine

Steinbeck Team - Chemoinformatics and Metabolism Team

Thornton Group - Computational Structural Biology

Science Communication projects

Outreach and Training Team