Visitor Programme Brochure

The EMBL Visitor Programme invites scientists interested in visiting EMBL and who belong of the following categories to directly contact the group of interest with a letter of motivation and a detailed CV to discuss the possibility of a visit. Once accepted, visitors should send an email for logistical assistance regarding issues like housing, travel arrangements or insurance questions. Students need to inform the Visitors Programme of their upcoming stay at least 1 month prior to their arrival.

Visiting Scientists

Scientists at the postgraduate level, including visiting postdoctoral fellows, who are integrated in the work of a research group for the duration of the visit in order to perform joint experiments, work on a specific project or discuss possible collaborations with members of the EMBL faculty. They may also receive special training during their stay or evaluate new research potential for their own institutions.

Please note that the maximum total training period at EMBL, including any extensions, may not exceed 12 months.

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow

PhD students who are not members of the EMBL International PhD Programme. They are registered with an external institution for their PhD. They generally wish to benefit from EMBL technologies and methods for specific parts of their thesis.

Visits of more than 6 months need prior approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. The maximum total training period at EMBL, including any extensions, must be less than half of their entire PhD period.

Undergraduate Visitors

EMBL invites undergraduate students from universities and professional schools, who want to perform practical work, either as trainee or for their diploma / masters thesis (or equivalent) in the laboratory. Undergraduate students generally do not receive any remuneration for their work, but may obtain a limited participation towards housing and subsistence upon discretion of the hosting group leader.

Trainees must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for training at EMBL. The total stay may not exceed 12 months.

Special Note for prospective PhD Students
The EMBL International PhD Programme invites applications from all highly qualified candidates. The selection process must safeguard the excellence of the programme and its international, inclusive character. The selection process must be transparent, objective and offer balanced chances to all applicants.
For this reason, association with EMBL during any time of selection (from the application deadline until the date of final admissions assessment) and/or an extended association with EMBL of more than 3 months duration is considered to imply a selection advantage. In order to not limit invitations of eligible external candidates, applicants with a 'selection advantage' from countries where the current representation exceeds 20% are only eligible to be admitted in exceptional cases following discussion by the Graduate Committee.

Scholar Programme

The EMBL Scholar Programme encourages senior scientists and sabbatical visitors who wish to be associated with a specific group, unit or the laboratory as a whole, to join the EMBL for a period of study, reflection, writing and exposure to ongoing research.

Scientists interested to join the EMBL Scholar programme, should contact the head of the research unit or the groupleader they plan to visit, and ensure the financial support for their stay at the EMBL. The EMBL Scholar Programme provides scientists with individualised logistical support to help make the stay at EMBL a most productive experience.

For further information please send an email.