About Me

I'm responsible for outreach (within and outside EMBL) in Toby Gibson's Sequence Analysis Group here at EMBL, while carrying out research in genomics and evolutionary analysis.

As part of this work, I've been involved in setting up the Bioinformatics Tranining Network (BTN), a resource for bioinformatics trainers focusing on sharing materials and ideas in bioinformatics training.

In my outreach activities, I organise and teach a range of different training courses both inside EMBL and elsewhere. I also provide advice and help for wet-lab scientists in the analysis of their biological sequences - typical activities include helping people with:
Other activities have included organising:
Previous to my current position I worked in association with:

Teaching Activities

Material for most courses I've been involved in can be found on the Gibson Team web pages

Some of the courses I've organised or provided modules for:


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