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Multiview light-sheet microscopy for rapid in toto imaging

Spontaneous oscillations of muscles

Skeletal muscles may oscillate under non-physiological conditions. These calcium independent muscle activities lead to spontaneous emergence of contraction waves in muscle fibres. They propagate bidirectional within the fibres. ...


Nonlinear dynamics of sarcomeres

Three sphere swimmer Three sphere swimmer

One possible mechanism, which allows for waves in muscle fibers suggests certain unexpected dynamics. Muscles fibers might be excitable without calcium and show chaotic dynamics. ...

Microscopic swimmer

Three sphere swimmer

Autonomous swimming in fluid environments is an important aspect of the life of micro-organisms. Periodic shape changes of cells can induce propulsion. In a conceptual study we explore a minimalistic swimmer, which is composed of three spheres. A connection between the microscopic processes inducing shape change and the effective propulsion of the entire swimmer can be established. ...