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The machines should be used with logins names of the form "teach01" with corresponding passwords.

Hits for using Unix

For a simple introduction to commands you might need to use via the terminal window, follow this link

Web Browsing

Open a terminal window. Type

 /usr/bin/firefox &

to start the Firefox web browser

To keep the clutter of windows on your screen to a minimum, used tabs - to open a window in a new tab, press "Ctrl" and click with the left mouse button


From the menu accessed via the bottom-left lizard icon, (probably via the "Applications" and then "Office" submenus) start the open-office presentation software "Impress")

Save the presentation in PowerPoint format. Back up (if possible) to Flash Memory sticks too (we don't want you to loose all your hard work!)

You do not need to make complicated slides

  • save images to the desktop and use drag-and-drop to place the images into slides
  • use KSnapshot (Main Menu->Applications->Utilities->Desktop - or simply type ksnapshot at a terminal prompt) to take screen shots

Presentations should aim to be 10 minutes long.

The aim of the presentations is to use the tools demonstrated in the course to explore the modular architecture of one (or more) proteins you are personally interested in.

  • Present (briefly) why the protein is interesting.
  • Present an overview of the architecture of the protein
    • Which modules you think it contains, providing evidence e.g. screen-shots/alignments created using the tools demonstrated during the course
    • Particularly interesting - please highlight any modules you may have discovered in the course


To examine the contents of text files, either access via the main menu (Applications->Utilities->Editor->"Advanced Text Editor" (kate) or type "kate" at a terminal prompt).

Using localy-installed software

From the lizard icon select the Terminal Program Konsole


Type "clustalX2"


Type "jalview"


Type "seaview"


Type "pymol"

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