Molecular phylogenetics: principles and use of up-to-date tools

A Workshop of the ISCB Africa ASBCB 2013 Conference on Bioinformatics

Tuesday 12th March 2013

Institute Pasteur, Casablanca, Morocco

Olivier Gascuel, Sheila Ommeh, and Aidan Budd

Inferring phylogenetic trees can provide valuable insights in a range of different practical contexts, including functional genomics (search for orthologs etc), epidimiology, conservation, biology, and forensics, along with an essential role in basic research in evolutionary biology and use in a wide range of bioinformatics tools.

This 1-day workshop is aimed at scientists looking for an introduction to the principles underlying commonly-used phylogenetic tree estimation tools, in particular those using a statisical/model-based approach. Additionally, we will discuss the interpretation of phylogenetic trees, and give pratical examples and exercises involving preparing data for, and carrying out, phylogenetic analyses.



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