Old Vesicle Drivers

Dedicated to ... those lab members who have left the safety of the Pepperkok Lab and have been cast adrift on their journey to the plasma membrane ... hold your mouse over their photos to find out where they are now.

From the TGN ...
Now a post-doc with Scottie Robinson, Cambridge, UK. Now a Scientist with Philippe Bastiaens, MPI, Dortmund. Now working at the KIT, Karlsruhe. Now a technician with Juerg Mueller, EMBL, Heidelberg. Now working in the EMBL Centre for Molecular and Cellular Imaging

Rebecca Forster

Andreas Girod

Urban Liebel

Nga Ly-Hartig

Kota Miura

PhD student

Post Doc



Post Doc

10/00 - 12/04

08/98 - 02/03

 04/01 - 07/04

10/02 - 10/04

 09/02 - 10/05

Now a PhD student with Damian Brunner, EMBL, Heidelberg. Now a post-doc with GP Schiavo, London, UK. Now a Scientist with Ernst Stelzer, EMBL, Heidelberg. Now head of microscopy at the Friedrich-Miescher-Institute, Basel, Switzerland.

Lindsay Murrells

Veronika Neubrand

Emmanuel Reynaud

Jens Rietdorf

Summer student

PhD student

Post Doc

Senior Tech Officer

07/02 - 09/02

05/00 - 09/05

 11/01 - 08/06

01/99 - 09/05

Now working at the University of Heidelberg. Now a PhD student with Carlos Dotti, Leuven, Belgium. Now a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, UK. Now a post-doc with Bruno Goud, Paris, France. Now working at the CRG in Barcelona, Spain.

Heiko Runz

Post Doc

 01/02 - 01/06

Vanessa Schubert

Praktikum student

 06/01 - 02/02

David Stephens

EMBO Fellow

07/99 - 10/01

Joanne Young

Post Doc

 05/01 - 11/04

Timo Zimmermann

Senior Tech Officer

10/00 - 10/06

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