We fund activities that help to promote collaboration and to leverage EMBL and Stanford's complementary strengths in research, teaching and infrastructure. We want to encourage future generations of researchers to think globally, enable the exchange of people and knowledge, and provide opportunities for the scientific community to come together to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the life sciences.

Our activities are centered on three main components:


The highlight of the program are our Bridging Excellence Postoctoral Fellowships. We seek to develop the next generation of global researchers. Our fellowships allow ambitious young researchers to immerse themselves in joint projects between EMBL and Stanford and experience the best of two leading institutions.


Sometimes collaborations just need a little more face-to-face interaction to be successful. Our exchange grants help our researchers make the best of hteir inter-institutional partnerships by facilitating the direct exchange of knowledge and ideas. 


Great things happen when leading researchers come together in the same place. By sponsoring joint events and providing travel grants we want to catalyse the exchange of new ideas in the wider scientific community. 

For more information on our activities please see:http://med.stanford.edu/lifesciencealliance/activities