11% of EMBL alumni were in Administration while at EMBL (631 in total). They represent 35 nationalities. Most Administrative positions have been occupied in the past by German, British or French nationals; however, the Administration has been recruiting the best from all over the world and countries as diverse as Australia, Cameroon, Georgia, Japan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to name but a few and, of course, most of the member states.

After leaving EMBL, they have dispersed predominantly in the EMBL members states (a total of 95% of those for whom we have known address).

Positions of EMBL Administration Alumni

Positions of EMBL Administration Alumni

Current positions of EMBL Administration Alumni include: Director of Human Resources and Administration, Head of Personnel, Manager of Human Resources, Secretary General, Senior Vice President in Human Resources, Team leader in Accounting, Senior Financial Controller, Executive Assistants etc.

Prominent employers who have hired EMBL Administration Alumni include: The Federal Ministry of Education, the European Southern Observatory, EUMETSAT, SAP, the Klaus Tschira Stiftung, European Central Bank, European Patent Office, FINEOS Corporation, Federation of the European Biochemical Societies as well as a multitude of science institutes including Universities worldwide and the various MPI’s in Germany.

With their expertise, EMBL Administration Alumni are an excellent network of support to current staff.

What is unique about EMBL Administration

What is unique about EMBL Administration Admin Alumni units at EMBL


When our scientific staff are asked what they most miss about EMBL, a common answer is an administration dedicated to facilitate the scientists. As Jochen Wittbrodt, Director of the Centre for Organismal Studies Heidelberg and EMBL Alumnus recently said: “The level of support at EMBL from the canteen to the entire administration, the way this is put together with scientists only in mind, it is really unique; I have not found it nowhere else to date”.

Lists of the Lost

EMBL has nearly 6,000 alumni, of which just over 2000 are registered members and therefore listed in the members directory. We would like to find the alumni (mainly from the distant past) with whom we have lost touch - please help us by browsing through our 'lists of the lost' below. If you are listed or in touch with a former colleague on the list, please contact the alumni office.

Alumni list of the lost - ordered by first name
Alumni list of the lost - ordered by EMBL unit