The EMBL Alumni Relations program is built to advance EMBL and the relevance of life science research in the scientific community and society at large, by fostering connections between the Laboratory, its member states, current EMBL staff, the EMBL alumni and the public.

The EMBL Alumni Relations programme and team is headed by Mehrnoosh Rayner, and is overseen by the EMBL Director, Matthias Hentze.

The activities benefit from the dedicated support of the EMBL Alumni Association and its elected board members.

Our alumni

Our alumni: EMBL has approx. 7,200 alumni (former scientific, technical and administrative staff). 82% live in the EMBL member and associate member states. 70% continue to work in academia.
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Alumni Association Board

Our board: The EMBL Alumni Association Board members represent alumni, conduct the business of the Association at their twice yearly meetings and through e-mail correspondence with the Alumni Office throughout the year, decide on policies and actions, and promote and help organise alumni activities, events and networks. They are elected by the Association members for a term of four years. Click button to learn about current and past board members, as well as working groups.

Our office: The Alumni Relations Office is the interface between EMBL and its alumni. In discussion with the EMBL Director and the Alumni Association board, the Alumni Relations Office plans and executes alumni initiatives, activities and events which support EMBL and its alumni. The office also manages all general alumni-related housekeeping with the support of EMBL departments (data management, communication, marketing, board meetings, fundraising).