Your suggestions for the alumni web

  1. a better search engine
  2. more links to alumni institutes
  3. a google map showing alumni whereabouts
  4. a sortable alumni members directory
  5. more science-related images
  6. history of the institution including all previous group leaders
  7. an alumni network for industry (in addition to academia)

Our response

The EMBL search engine now incorporates the alumni members directory, so you can find alumni by typing in their name, institute, city or country. Please let us know if you are unable to find an item you expect to be on our website through the search engine.

We have added links to institutes with largest alumni numbers both on the alumni job pages as well as the alumni google map, which we also introduced in response to your request.

The members directory now includes enhanced search and sort features.

Very interestingly, only 15% of you said you relied on the web for information, though only in conjunction with other media (like an e-mail alerting you to a site). 83% of you rely on e-mails for information. This has been very helpful feedback, and we have noted not to rely on the website alone for informing you of new events and resources.

We like all your above suggestions and will report back to you by May 2013 on new resources as a result of these suggestions.

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