When did EMBL create its Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association was founded in 1999 by Fotis Kafatos, EMBL's Director General at the time (1993-2005).

Why does EMBL have an Alumni Association?

As a world leading research institution EMBL has produced alumni who represent a unique and growing group of individuals who are actively bringing the exceptional experience of EMBL to the wider community, not just in basic research but in industry, commerce, government and education.

EMBL has an Alumni Association in order to maintain a world wide network of people who have been at EMBL for the benefit of Association members and current EMBL staff. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to an exceptional resource of experience and knowledge which is being added to daily
  • Ability to influence research strategy, policy and training across the member states and beyond
  • Availability of a network of people who share a common experience of excellence in research carried out in a unique environment
  • Means of measuring the number of EMBL scientists who return to Europe
  • Additional service to the member states, providing them with statistics on the career development and mobility of their scientists after leaving EMBL

The Alumni Association includes scientists, support staff and members of the administration both at Heidelberg as well as the Outstations in Grenoble, Hamburg, Monterotondo and EBI Hinxton. Additionally Council delegates, SAC members EMBO and EMBLEM staff may join.

How can the Alumni Association help me?

The Association plays an important role in supporting former members of the EMBL community at many different levels, as well as providing a means for them to maintain contact with EMBL and work with current staff across the EMBL Units to their mutual benefit. Find out about some of the alumni services.

How can I support the Alumni Association?

How can I make a donation?

In contrast to the operation of many other alumni organisations, funds raised by the EMBL Alumni Association are used for EMBL Alumni Association initiatives and activities, with the aim of supporting the alumni community. They are not used by EMBL, which also supports the Alumni Association financially.

You may specify whether you would like your donation to go towards our John Kendrew Fund or to support the EMBL Alumni Association in general. More information on donations