What is the Members Directory?

The alumni Members’ Directory is one of our best resources helping you find suitable alumni collaborators, speakers, participants, employers and mentors for your research, events, meetings, grant applications and careers, for example.

The Members' Directory contains all EMBL alumni who have, at one point or another, joined the EMBL Alumni Association, and allowed their information to be displayed. Currently, the number is almost 2500 members.

The Directory allows you to search alumni by first name, surname, city, institute, country, nationality and research interest, as well as EMBL group, unit and period, enabling you to filter your results. Furthermore, you can click on the name of an alumnus/a to visit their homepage directly from the EMBL page (providing they have added a URL in their profile).

EMBL staff can access the Members’ Directory on the intranet, while alumni can access it with their membership login details. If you are not sure of your membership status, or have forgotten your login details, please contact the Alumni Relations Office, who will simplify the process for you.

As an EMBL alumnus/a, you can add yourself to the members' directory (and thereby the EMBL website) by joining the EMBL Alumni Association. The Alumni Office looks forward to helping you get logged on and looking!

What is the Shared Applicant Pool?

The Shared Applicant Pool is your quick link to PhD applications. The EMBL International PhD Programme (EIPP) receives far more applications from very good candidates than it can invite for interview. EMBL alumni principle investigators only can access this pool of candidates by completing a questionnaire, and receiving an access link. Applicants will be added twice yearly into the pool - in late August and late February.

What is the Heidelberg lunch card for life?

EMBL registered alumni are entitled to keep their Heidelberg lunch cards for life. If you have already returned your card, you can request a new one for €10 from the Petty Cash Office (Tel: +49 6221 3878568). Alumni can add money to their card at any of the lunch card machines at EMBL Heidelberg (by the cafeteria or canteen). Access to the EMBL buildings is de-activated on all lunch cards, which are also available to former Outstation staff, but which can only be used in Heidelberg.